Water Restrictions

McDowell County Asks Public Water System Customers to Voluntarily Conserve Water
October 23, 2023


McDowell County, operator of the Nebo Water System, is asking for voluntary reductions in
water use because of drought conditions which have caused a decline in the amount of water
available for distribution. 
This request for voluntary water conservation is stage one of the County’s five-stage Water
Shortage Response Plan which is put into action when drought conditions exist in the region.
Stage one goes into effect when the length of the weir wetted area has been reduced by 50% for 3
consecutive days.
At this point, water customers are encouraged to reduce their water use and improve water use
efficiency. There are no penalties for not complying with this conservation request. 
Customers are asked to comply with this request, however, because water supply conditions
indicate a potential for shortage.
The City of Marion, supplier of water for the Nebo Water system, indicates it can meet current
water supply needs, but the City is concerned about recent declines in the City’s available water
Customers can cut back on their water usage by:
 Limiting landscape irrigation
 Limiting projects that require large amounts of water
 Washing only full loads of clothes and dishes
 Identifying and repairing water leaks
To see additional ways you can conserve water, visit http://bit.ly/MWC10232023