Tax Assessing

“The county assessor shall have general charge of the listing, appraisal, and assessment of all property in the county in accordance with the provisions of law.” The Assessor accomplishes this with the oversight of the following departments: Appraisal, GIS Mapping, Motor Vehicles, and Personal Property.


Appraisal Department: Is responsible for the listing, assessing and discovering of all real property in the County. Accepting applications and performing annual audits of tax exemption and deferment programs. These tasks are accomplished by North Carolina Certified Appraisers.


GIS Mapping Department: Is responsible for processing deed transfers and updating the County Geographic Information System maps. This office also assists the public or any agency with any questions they may have concerning the mapping of properties in the county. It also acts in the capacity of the Watershed Administrator, and signs off on Bond Justifications and Deed Certifications. This department is staffed by a North Carolina Certified Mapper. Click here to continue to the GIS Webpage.


Motor Vehicles Department: Is responsible for the assessing and situs of all vehicles that are located in the County.


Personal Property Department is divided into two divisions: Business Personal and Individual Personal Property. This department is responsible for the listing, assessing and discovery of all personal property in the County. This department is staffed by North Carolina Certified Personal Property Appraisers. Click here for Business Listing Information.


For information about tax relief options, see the link below:

Tax Relief Options


To appeal your real property appraised value, see the link below:

Real Property Appeal Form


When you may appeal to the BOER


For information regarding listing of individual, business or real property, see link below:



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Contact Info
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