Sheriff's Office

The McDowell County Sheriff is an elected constitutional officer responsible for enforcing the laws of North Carolina and McDowell County.


The Sheriff is also responsible for maintaining the county jail. The current jail is located on Spaulding Road as a part of the Law Enforcement Center. The facility houses persons awaiting trial, persons convicted of short sentences, as well as persons being held by the U.S. Marshal's Service. For information about a specific detainee, contact the staff at Law Enforcement Center.


Deputies are also responsible for courthouse security. Several deputies patrol the facility and operate the metal detector. In addition, a deputy is posted in the courtroom during court cases to provide security for court personnel and the public.


An additional duty of the Sheriff's Office is the serving of papers. For cases of a civil nature, a deputy will present a summons to those persons called to testify.


For more information about the duties of the Sheriff's Office, contact the Law Enforcement Center.