Tax Certifications

On June 14, 2010, the McDowell County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution that prohibits recordation of deeds with delinquent taxes. This process affects all deeds recorded September 1, 2010, and after. This authority is provided to McDowell County under NCGS 161-31.


Please complete the Tax Certification Request form and send to the McDowell County Tax Collection office by fax or email.


Please allow up to 2 business days for our office to complete the request.


If multiple parcels are to be recorded on a single deed, please contact Tax Collections before submitting request.


If you choose to pay the delinquent taxes AFTER recording deed, you will need to place this statement on the deed (preferably on the first page):


 “This instrument prepared by___________________, a licensed North Carolina attorney. Delinquent taxes, if any, to be paid by the closing attorney to the county tax collector upon disbursement of closing proceeds”. G.S. 161-31


Contact Information:



Phone: (828) 652-0701

Fax: (828) 652-8401