Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I received a tax bill but I sold this property – why did you send the bill to

A: Real property tax bills are sent to the owner as of January 1 each year. If
you sold this real property on or after January 1 of the current year, please
forward the tax bill to the current owner. If the tax bill remains unpaid as of
delinquent date, the current owner on tax record will receive the
delinquent/advertising notice.



Q: I think my attorney collected these taxes at my closing. Who should I

A: If you have questions about taxes that were collected at your real estate
closing, you will need to contact your closing attorney. Payment of taxes is to
be worked out between the seller and the buyer. Please note that our office
does not prorate taxes.




Q: I have an escrow account and my mortgage company should pay this bill.
Why did I receive the tax bill?

A: Even if you have an escrow account, you will still receive the tax bill. Most
banks and mortgage companies will receive, if requested, a file from the Tax
Collector soon after the tax bills are mailed out. However, it is your
responsibility to forward this bill to whoever holds your funds in escrow.



Q: I sold a portion of my real property. Will the tax office recalculate the
amount due to determine who owes what?

A: No. Payment of taxes is between the seller and buyer. If the taxes are
unpaid at time of advertisement of tax lien, your name and anyone who has
bought a portion of your parcel will be advertised for the tax lien.



Q: I received a tax bill for personal property that I no longer own. Do I have
to pay this bill? How do I close or update my account?

A: Personal property is billed in the name of the listing owner as of January 1
and is the record owner responsible for payment of the tax bill. (NCGS 105-
365.1b) If you have sold your property since January 1, it is your responsibility
to notify the Tax Assessing office to update or close your account.



Q: I think the value is incorrect on my tax bill. Who can help me with this?

A: Please contact the McDowell County Tax Assessing Department at:
 828-652-0700
 Email:




Q: When are my taxes due and when does interest begin?

A: Property taxes are due and payable September 1 of the current year. Taxes become delinquent and
interest begins on January 6 of the following year. The interest rate for January is 2% and increases by
¾% per month thereafter until paid in full. Interest and penalties are determined by the USPS postmark.